Transnational Dispute Management (TDM, ISSN 1875-4120)

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TDM is a peer-review online journal publishing about various aspects of international arbitration with a special focus on investment arbitration. Since the first issue was published in 2004 it has gained popularity among a large number of law firms, academics and other professionals in the field of arbitration. A TDM subscription includes access to OGEMID, the highly praised mailing list (listserv) offering a unique platform for discussion, sharing of insights and intelligence of relevant issues related in a significant way to international dispute management.

TDM Legal & Regulatory documents - updated daily

A valuable asset of your TDM subscription is the database of Legal and Regulatory Materials, a growing collection of: laws, regulations, contracts, guidelines and tribunal/court awards. The database already contains a large collection of laws, treaties, agreements, awards and other primary materials related to commercial and international arbitration.

Different from existing services, this "TDM knowledge bank" will focus in particular on the inclusion of authoritative "soft" regulatory materials - voluntary codes, guidelines, standards, resolutions and declarations. Both the impact of the NGO "civil society", the corporate governance and the professional communities will be reflected in the "soft" regulation database.

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List of available documents: